It's time for some summer fun...and a home reno? Thank you for listening. #UnderDogPods #PodFix 



Today's meeting agenda includes:

  1. New #1
  2. Another Csomo!
  3. Me Baby, Me!
  4. GBI Reno Project
  5. Adam Loves Peter Faulk
  6. Behemoth Beach Ball
  7. Water Skiing Monkeys
  8. 45 Minutes to Insanity
  9. Snarky Effronteries
  10. It wasn’t ketchup!
  11. Ed Asner Dethklok
  12. Drop the Anvil
  13. Torey + Kelsey From the Road
  14. Peter DeVilbiss Fun Fact


Adam "Lord" Saunders

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