There are some very serious things going on in the world right now that deserve all of the focus we can give them. However, if you need a short break, please join us to celebrate some anniversaries and milestones we've reached with the show. We also have new interns, promotions, and our very first Beardmas! But that's not all, Greg. There's also a major retirement announcement that will fundamentally change things going forward. Thank you for listening. #UnderDogPods #PodFix 

Check us out on Radio Haver. Details below.


Today's meeting agenda includes:

  1. Top Contributors
  2. Major Retirement
  3. New Interns
  4. Birthdays
  5. Promotions
  6. Cannibal Rats
  7. Radioactivities
  8. Official Number of the GBI
  9. Ed Asner Dethklok Update
  10. Dang you, Ritz cracker
  11. The Sausage Ones

Adam "Lord" Saunders

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