It's time to carve the turkey...GravityBeard-style! Happy Thanksgiving, Interns. Adam and I are so very grateful for all of you. Thank you for listening. #UnderDogPods #PodFix


Today's meeting agenda includes:

  1. Top Contributors
  2. November Birthdays
  3. How do you brush our teeth?
  4. Chainsaw Carving Knife
  5. Competitive Pillow Fighting
  6. Singers and Swingers in the Kitchen
  7. Uranus Update
  8. Naked = Aerodynamic
  9. Padres in the Doggy Door
  10. Assaulted by Mermaids
  11. GravityBeard at Half Speed
  12. Reboots and Remakes
  13. The Easy Rider Framed Roger Rabbit
  14. Mildly Inconvenient Audio Diary

Adam "Lord" Saunders

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