Season 01 of BlunderDogs, the official indie pod blooper show, is almost here! It's hosted by Phil Kirsner, Chris Green and special guest, Nick Murtha.  The inaugural episode releases THIS Monday, February 5th. Here is a special trailer so you can get a taste of what's to come. So, enjoy the Super Bowl! Then, tune in the next morning for a hilarious review of ridiculous podcast mess-ups. #MyThingCanBeatYourThing #GravityBeard #UnderDogPods #PodFix

If you have a blooper to submit, send it to Follow us on Twitter 

Come join the our Facebook group to interact with the hosts of the podcasts featured on the shows and vote on which blooper you think is the best. 

Episode 01 will feature bloopers from these fine shows. 

01 - Jess Ann - The Beth Ann Chronicles (The Karen & Ellen Letters) 

The Karen & Ellen Roomies (Facebook Fan Group)

02 - Alexa & Brock - You Can Rewind It 

03 - Vlado, Tony, Andrew - It's Not Rocket Surgery 

04 - Hannah & Julia - Film Roast 

Other podcasts that will appear later in Season One include:

Corpus Delicti, History Pod, Station Wagon Podcast, Podcast42, Rough Giraffe, Oh No! Lit Class, Soapy Madams, The Wild Pitch, Super Serious Social Justice, Varmints! and 1 More Game Podcast.

Also, come join the UnderDog Podcast Community, the only group specifically for indie podcasts and their fans.

BlunderDogs is a partnership between My Thing Can Beat Your Thing and GravityBeard

Original BlunderDogs logo designed by Phil Kersner of My Thing Can Beat Your Thing

GravityBeard is a proud member of the PodFix Network

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